What is Cybercrime?

If you’re not living under a rock, everyone knows about Cybercrime. It happens every day and all over the world. From phishing e-mails, malware/virus links, identity theft, human trafficking, money laundering and counterfeiting, wire fraud, to any and all attempts to steal information from a person or business. It’s everywhere, and Metro Title is constantly increasing our tactics against Cyber Fraud and Cybercrime.

We can all do our part to reduce the risks of Cyber Fraud and Cybercrime. Always use unique passwords that are hard to guess and change them often. Use two-factor authentications. Verbally verify the authenticity of any requests for money or money transfers with a trusted person/business. Scrutinize all e-mails for anything out of the ordinary, and never click on any links that look “too good to be true” or even a little suspicious. Back up your data regularly and keep your malware services up to date. Report any suspicious activity. Never be afraid to call and verify anything that you question.

Phishing e-mail scams were the most common cyberattack in 2021. Phishing e-mails impersonate or duplicate messages from someone or a business that you know. They are explicitly intended to trick their victims into giving up personal or financial information or to click on malware that puts your entire computer at risk. Thousands of phishing scams happen every single day.

For your protection, if you receive an e-mail containing wire transfer instructions, always independently confirm the wiring information in person or call your escrow officer at Metro Title prior to wiring funds for your real estate transaction. Metro National Title Associates will never alter wire instructions via e-mail.

While Cybercrime is not going away, we can all be better at detecting them and reporting suspicious activity. Metro is on the forefront, trying our best to be up-to-date with our Malware protections, data backups, and defenses in general to keep you and your information as safe as possible.