What is Received at Closing?

Going to the closing table is an exciting time. It's the culmination of finding the right property for your needs, and getting everything in order to make it yours. But if you're not sure what closing is like, or what you're supposed to be receiving, you might have some questions.
Typically, at closing you'll sign all the paperwork that's needed for the transfer of the house. Before you leave, you'll get a copy of that paperwork to take with you, for your personal records.

Depending on where you live, you might also get your keys at closing. However, Utah requires that all transferring documents be recorded before the keys are giving to the buyers. At the closing table, you may receive an unofficial copy of it with the rest of your paperwork. That helps to ensure that everything shown on the deed is correct, so there aren't any problems with recording it. After the closing has taken place, we will mail you a copy of your title insurance policy along with a copy of all the recorded documents.

Don't wait until the closing table to ask questions, if possible. It can bring you a lot more peace of mind if you ask ahead of time and know what to expect when you get there. Remember that Metro Title Associates is here to help, and it's important that you ask questions instead of just signing something you're not sure about. It's a big transaction, and you want to feel comfortable with it.