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Title Insurance: What You Need to Know

When you are getting ready to close on your new home, reaching out to Metro National Title Associates can help ensure that you are getting the title insurance and other property closing details handled efficiently. You want to make sure you understand what you are receiving, and the different kinds of options you have. There…
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Home title theft

Rick Kahler: Can home title thieves can't steal your house? No, they can't. Home title theft. This is a “threat” I only learned about from frantic radio commercials warning that your home can be stolen from you. They claim thieves can deed your property to themselves and then mortgage or even sell it without your…
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Cloudstar Data Breach

Dear Metro National Title Associates Customers, We are aware of the Cloudstar data breach. Although this is a tragedy, we are hoping is remedied sooner than later, this will not affect Metro services or transactions. We will be open for normal business hours on Monday and are still able to service you. More Information Thank…
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The Title Company: What is Its role in Refinancing?

For anyone considering a home refinance, there are usually plenty of questions to consider. Among those questions are: What does it mean to refinance a mortgage? What does a loan for refinancing mean for a person's financial situation? What role in the process does a title company have for the homeowner and lender? We know…
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